Artificial Intelligence to disrupt retail

We create ai-powered technologies to reshape and enhance the relationship between physical retailers and shoppers

Our focus is to optimize and speedup in-store operations, precisely cut down time at self-checkouts with a limited tech-investment impact.

The vision is to build fully automated stores that lead to customized shopping experience and stock optimisation, with significant reduction in food disposal, increased profitability, new services and added value for customers.

What we do

At Checkout Technologies we reinvent conventional retail stores.

We increase stores value

We reduce retailers expenditures

We create a better in-store user experience

How we do it

with a team of highly trained engineers we

Bring on-line strategies to off-line stores

Streamlined the customer journey

Optimize logistics

Company Achievements

Technologies developed

6 Patents filed

Object Recognition

Pose Estimation

Person Tracking

Action Recognition


Enrico Pandian
CEO & Founder
Igor Moiseev
Vanessa Rutar
Shruti Verma
Artificial Intelligence Engineer
Alessio Elmi
Artificial Intelligence Engineer
Luca Lulleri
Industrial designer
Michele Toni
Artificial Intelligence Engineer
Pietro Tortella
Bruno Abbate
Machine Learning Engineer
Naser Derakhshan
Computer Scientist
Matia Santachiara
AR/VR Engineer
Alessandro Re
Machine Learning Engineer
Riccardo Di Guida
Machine Learning Engineer
Davide Mazzini
Deep Learning Engineer
Stefano Merli
Data Annotation Specialist

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