Welcome to the future of the retail store!

How does it work?

AI-powered solutions to allow retail stores go cashier-free. We build computer vision algorithms to transform a video stream into understandable metadata.

Every module is ready to install! It is equipped with a mesh of cameras, specific sensors on the shelves and a processing unit that elaborates all the information with an aid of a custom-developed sensor fusion algorithms.

The technologies we’re using.

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    Can I customise the Store design?

    Absolutely! Every module is supplied with a LED panel, it is easily customizable to fit your specific needs. You may also choose a color scheme to fit your branding. For an additional cost our designers will develop a concept store perfectly tailored with your requirements, please contact us at sales@checkoutfree.it.

    Can I customise design on my own?

    Of course! Please feel free to brand it with your colour scheme and signage.

    Do you process payments?

    Not yet, but we provide an API for integration with the Store.

    Do retailers should provide a mobile app?

    It is optional, we provide an SDK to generate QR for customers entry or you may enter in the store with a credit card.

    What is the supply time?

    The standard supply time is 20 working days, but it may vary depends on the customisation requests. Please place an order and contact us to obtain the exact delivery date.

    What is the cost of delivery?

    The cost of delivery in Europe is €3000, contact at sales@checkoutfree.it if you have a special request.

    What about the customers’ privacy?

    The system is designed to be bio-metric data safe! The processing is happening in every module, so no Personally Identifiable Information is leaked to the internet. The system does NOT use face recognition and NO other bio-metric data.

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